Zoom Resources

Zoom Login Details

Meeting ID: 665 589 224
Password: 000000

Dial by your location

+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)

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Tips for a great online meeting


  1. Mute yourself when not speaking

  2. Zoom has a "Raise Hand" feature to support sharing. You can also send a private chat to one of the co-hosts to share.

  3. If you are concerned about anonymity, you can change your name by clicking on the ellipses in the window of your personal image/icon. Select "rename" to do this. [NOTE: Our Zoom meeting settings do not allow recordings]

  4. Join the meeting early or stay on after the meeting for Fellowship!

  5. A great way to be of service during this time is to help the less-tech savvy (especially older members). Have one-on-one chats with them through Zoom and show them how to do all of the items above. This will help them feel confident with the tools and ensure they are not isolated in their inability to physically get to a meeting.

Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

  • F6: Navigate among Zoom popup windows.

  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift: Move focus to Zoom's meeting controls

  • PageUp: View previous 25 video stream in gallery view

  • PageDown: View next 25 video stream in gallery view

  • Alt: Turn on/off the option Always show meeting control toolbar in Accessibility Settings

  • Alt+F1: Switch to active speaker view in video meeting

  • Alt+F2: Switch to gallery video view in video meeting

  • Alt+F4: Close the current window

  • Alt+V: Start/Stop Video

  • Alt+A: Mute/unmute audio

  • Alt+M: Mute/unmute audio for everyone except host Note: For the meeting host only

  • Alt+S: Launch share screen window and stop screen share Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus

  • Alt+Shift+S: Start/stop new screen share Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus

  • Alt+T: Pause or resume screen share Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus

  • Alt+R: Start/stop local recording

  • Alt+C: Start/stop cloud recording

  • Alt+P: Pause or resume recording

  • Alt+N: Switch camera

  • Alt+F: Enter or exit full screen

  • Alt+H: Display/hide In-Meeting Chat panel

  • Alt+U:Display/hide Participants panel

  • Alt+I: Open Invite window

  • Alt+Y: Raise/lower hand

  • Alt+Shift+R: Gain Remote Control

  • Alt+Shift+G: Stop Remote Control

  • Ctrl+2: Read active speaker name

  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H: Show/Hide floating meeting controls

  • Alt+Shift+T: Screenshot

  • Switch to Portrait/Landscape View: Alt+L

  • Ctrl+W: Close current chat session

  • Ctrl+Up: Go to previous chat

  • Ctrl+Down: Go to next chat

  • Ctrl+T: Jump to chat with someone

  • Ctrl+F: Search

  • Ctrl+Tab: Move to the next tab (right)

  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Move to the previous tab (left)